Robert Norman


Photography and Wall Art

Having worked as a Melbourne based photographer and freelance travel writer, over the years I have been lucky enough to visit many remote and iconic Australian locations. The grandeur of broad sweeping Australian landscapes has always captivated me and is something that is reflected in my photographic work.

A decade or so ago I started writing about my travels and my articles and photographs which were published in national and international magazines. Sadly, print media has become an endangered species with the rise of digital and I write and publish much less these days. This great land of ours contains myriad destinations I've yet to visit (or revisit) and with my bucket list a long one - I suspect I'll run out of time before I run out of travel locations.

I use both full frame and medium format cameras and as such my images usually contain a high level of detail and can be printed to quite large dimensions. Anyone interested in purchasing or licensing a copy of any images in my gallery can contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0428 346 951 (or catch up with me at the Gisborne monthly market where my framed wall art can be purchased).

Share Charting/Trading Education

Robert Norman Charting logo domain 

Having formally studied traditional share charting and successfully traded shares on a daily basis for several years, I am in the process of setting up an online educational course that offers a basic introduction to charting (also called technical analysis). The material to be posted here progressively will enable anyone to start trading shares with simple techniques that will maximise their profits while minimising their losses. The techniques contained in the material cater for both long term investing and short to medium term trading (a few days to a few months). 

My weekly Blog (see top of page) shows details  of my trades over the preceding 3 months. Shortly, video explanation of some trades will be included to provide a more detailed and easily understood explanation of the background to those trades.

My basic charting course comprises somef 100 pages with over 25,000 words and dozens of screen shots. The course includes limited email support for email mentoring and question and answer sessions. Additional blocks of one-on-one support time are available if required.  

While I can't tell you what shares to buy or sell (as this would be financial advice), I can provide detailed technical analysis of specific stocks of interest to purchasers of my educational material.

As they say - "Watch This Space"